Méduse Original Jelly Sandals in “Lemon Strawberry ”

Méduse Original Jelly Sandals in “Lemon Strawberry ”

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  • The Méduse Sun Sandal is the original and best Jelly Sandal.  It is the perfect beach footwear for kids. These sandals have a rounded toe, braided straps and a spiked sole, and are very easy to care for.
    Your kids will get loads of wear out of them during the spring/summer season.
  • Waterproof, Lightweight and comfortable, Non-slip soles
  • Buckle

Méduse® Sandals

Born in 1946, after the second world war, to find an alternative to the lack of leather available, Méduse® invented the first plastic sandal ever..

Women sandals, men sandals and children sandals for individuals who find in these functional shoes a practicity and an esthetic ideal for sunny holidays on the beach.

After the economic boom in Europe, that followed the second world war and the increase of paid holidays, Méduse® put its know-how, its french savoir-faire in plastic shoes into the production of low boots for women, low boots for men and low boots for children. Shoes worn to protect yourself from the rain, to jump into puddles, but also to define your own style.


Waterproof wellington boots for your rendez-vous in town, sandals worn with socks for the most audacious ones in Paris or in Seoul, comfortable and watertight Chelsea boots for the most stylish and refined women, as well as sandals worn all year round by surfers.


We put a big emphasis on the choice of our raw material, to safety and traceability throughout our production process. Our plastics are Made In France, 100% recyclable, phtalate-free et follow the most stringent chemical safety norms. We are also a founding member of INNOSHOE and we co-created the first charter for shoe chemical safety for the benefit of our clients.
A commitment to a responsable and ethical behaviour applied to manufacturing of close to 500 000 pair of shoes produced every year in our ateliers.

Our women shoes, men shoes, children shoes are available in various sizes, big and small, from European 18 to 48. And our original SUN sandal design is still available, and every year we come up with new women boots, men boots and children boots, while reinventing our complete sandal range.


A know-how and a french original touch that has also found its way into popular culture. The Big Lebowski (aka Jeff Bridges) is wearing the original Méduse® SUN sandals in the film. We were also told that Marion Cotillard wore hers in her films, and that directors attending Sundance often try to purchase this arresting shoe. Influencers on their part mix and match two different pairs in two different colors. 

The story starts in 1946 - when the famous beach sandal was created..

A soft plastic shoe, with a distinctive spiked sole, rounded tip and braided strands serving as a symbol of the true style of Méduse to this day. After WWII, leather resources were at an all-time low, meaning that an alternative material was needed for shoe wear. An innovation in manufacturing process combined with the production of plastic gave its creator just the inspiration to design a shoe made entirely from this revolutionary material. A new technique of injection moulding gave the early Méduse creations their first life. Originally conceived in two parts, nowadays the process has evolved to enable a single mould production.

A few years later with the arrival of the sixties, women adopted the Méduse plastic sandals as the perfect accompaniment for holiday attire - wearing them to the beach with coordinated mini-skirts and bikinis.

Today, Méduse still produces and sells its original model. Our sandal has remained unchanged since 1946 and our design has become timeless.

With sandals and ballerinas for sunny days, wellies and boots for rainy days, you can now wear Méduse on holidays, in town and all year round!

Designed and produced in the West of France, the Méduse range has now been extended, with a new collection and new colours every 6 months in line with the latest fashion trends.

All the products of the Méduse range are made in 100% recyclable phthalate-free plastics.

The Méduse brand is a registered Trademark from Groupe Humeau-Beaupreau.